Media consumption has evolved. Payments have not. Paperchain allows labels, artists and creators to advance streaming revenues from the world’s leading streaming services — up to 90 days faster than current pay-cycles and at a lower cost than existing options.

Paperchain easily connects to your distribution & payment channels, allowing you to focus on artist success while we handle the payments.

1. Connect your data

Once your DSP, distributor or label is integrated with Paperchain, we are able to accurately price and predict your future streaming revenue every 24 hours.

2. Your data becomes an asset

Your streaming data from Merlin, Spotify, Apple, and YouTube are turned into digital assets. This is how your data becomes a financial instrument.

3. Choose where to send your money

By redirecting your distributor or label payments through Paperchain, we can pay out your streaming revenues immediately.

4. On demand payments

Paperchain advances your earned but unpaid streaming revenues directly into your bank account. For any track or release in your catalog. When you need it!

5. That’s it!

When we receive the payment from your distributor or label, Paperchain recoups what it already advanced to you. Any money not advanced is automatically paid to your bank account.

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Oliver Le Lievre
New Zealand
Currently there is a massive waiting list, Reach out ia phone or email and I can give you an affiliate link which will bypass the que.

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