Auckland Studios

Here are links to recording studios servicing New Zealand music in Auckland .
  • With a large main studio and 11 purpose-built producer studios, Parachute Studios is a multi-faceted studio complex in Kingsland that can accommodate all your recording needs; from songwriting sessions to full album projects.
    399 New North Road Kingsland Auckland 1021 New Zealand
  • Ideal location for multi-track recording or live recording. Fees based per project, not per hour, and according to a sliding scale/band budget. Featuring: Deadened drum room Vocal booth Idiosyncratic acoustic spaces - 3 x outdoor echoic chambers, concrete alleyway Cubase SX 3.1 32 bit digital audio workstation Tascam 38 1/2 inch reel to reel 1970's Teac 5A mixing desk Range of dynamic and condenser microphones - KSM27, 2 x Studio Projects C3,10 x SM57s Fender twin reve
  • 021933999 537 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland
  • Digital audio recording, mixing and editing.
    Manuka Rd Glenfield Auckland New Zealand
  • The Lab is a studio for musicians. It's packed full of the best vintage gear, it's got a great sounding live room, and the engineers are experienced, flexible and willing to push the envelope. Services include recording, mixing and mastering
    537 Mt Eden Road Mt Eden Auckland New Zealand
  • Audio Recording, Music Production, Song Creation and Post Production available at DJAV Studio's located in Panmure, Auckland.

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