Auckland Studios

Here are links to recording studios servicing New Zealand music in Auckland .
  • With a large main studio and 11 purpose-built producer studios, Parachute Studios is a multi-faceted recording and rehearsal facility in Kingsland that can accommodate all your recording needs, from demos and voiceovers to full album projects.
  • High end boutique studio. All the mics and outboard you expect, in internationally designed rooms.
  • Ideal location for multi-track recording or live recording. Fees based per project, not per hour, and according to a sliding scale/band budget. Featuring: Deadened drum room Vocal booth Idiosyncratic acoustic spaces - 3 x outdoor echoic chambers, concrete alleyway Cubase SX 3.1 32 bit digital audio workstation Tascam 38 1/2 inch reel to reel 1970's Teac 5A mixing desk Range of dynamic and condenser microphones - KSM27, 2 x Studio Projects C3,10 x SM57s Fender twin reve
  • 021933999 537 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland
  • MCA, one of Auckland's best private Rehearsal Spaces for Bands. Also offering additional audio services such as Audio Mastering and CD / DVD production.
  • Digital audio recording, mixing and editing.
  • The Lab is a studio for musicians. It's packed full of the best vintage gear, it's got a great sounding live room, and the engineers are experienced, flexible and willing to push the envelope. Services include recording, mixing and mastering

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