New Zealand Music

Welcome to, the new hub for the New Zealand music industry for New Zealand Music. Here you will find hundreds of contacts and links that you need and use every day. Also many places you didn't know existed but are essential to surviving in the exciting, but hugely competitive New Zealand music scene.

Whether you are an artist, a manager, run an independent label, a business related to music, a promoter, a tour manager, a retailer or work in the media; will provide an invaluable link to connections for New Zealand Music in one easy to navigate site.

If you are looking for all the gig guides for promoting your gigs, a list of all the venues, maps for touring, sites for sorting out accommodation, legal representation, music and entertainment articles, or just plain industry gossip; this is the place to look.

This service aims to be the comprehensive source for New Zealand music industry links and is therefore a work in progress. If you are not already listed on the site and wish to be, please register your details. It's free for bands who post us a CD, and only $50 per year for all other businesses.

We endeavour to cover all common aspects of music industry business. If you have suggestions, feel free to send them in. We do not however provide direct marketing for artists or asian art. There are already heaps of sites for that.

Initial listings have been sourced from internet related posts. If your listing is out of date or if for some bizarre reason you do not wish to be listed, please contact us.

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