In the Rastafari movement, "Zion" stands for a Utopian place of unity, Peace and freedom; a safe spiritual homeland, like in heaven, or a kind of peace of mind in one's present life. It’s fitting then, that a band hailing from Raglan on the majestic west coast of New Zealand's Northern Isle, should adopt such sensibilities.


It’s  fitting  then,  that  a  band
hailing   from  Raglan  on  the  majestic  west  coast   of
New Zealand's    Northern   Isle,   should    adopt     such
sensibilities. ZIONHILL is the  country's  latest  offering
to   the   international   world    of   music.   A  conscious
yet vibrant, home-grown roots band.

Formed  in  2007,  and  gaining  momentum  ever   since
 - ZIONHILL is made up of  co-founding   members,  bass
player  Damian   Hepi-Te Huia;   leading     guitarist   and
 guitar  synth  maestro  Shai Rudolph;  alongside   front
man Gavin  Dempsey, formerly  of early  90's  hard  rock
Hamilton     group,      Blackjack.      In   2009    the   band
introduced drummer Jesse Bates directlyfrom Australia.

Fellow musicians, DJs   and  those  in  the    know  would
define  ZIONHILL's  music as  'Conscious  Dub Fusion' or
'Roots Rock' but the  band  are  quick   to point out  that
they  are  not that   keen  to  be simply   pigeon-holed as
just another 'New  Zealand   Dub' outfit.   Although their
influences range vastly,  they  have  a  sound   distinctly
their   own  and   celebrate   that   through   their  music,
especially  their  live  performances.   They   have a love
for  that   special   experience of playing  in    front  of  a
crowd,   'TRIBAL PRIDE 09'   being   one   of    their   most
appreciated live gigs yet. "We like to make a connection
when  playing   live"   says   Damian     "Our   songs    are
conscious, about  life,   about    the    environment    and
what's happening here  in  Aotearoa  (Maori  for Land of
the Long White Cloud) and the World today."

ZIONHILL   have   plenty   of plans    for  the future, keep
tabs on  the  band   and    make   sure   you  remain  part
 of  the action.  ZIONHILL  are  here  to stay.

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