We are a 3 piece Auckland Band, described as a Punk, Pop, Political, Protest Band. All our music is designed to get into your conscience, and to inspire, with Satire and Imagination, or pisstakes of everything happening today, with lyrics and stories you can hear and understand.

Hi:- Band Bio/History, "MARNEE MAYHEM"

We are a 3 piece band from Auckland, who have been playing together on and off over the last 5 years. We have produced 4 EP's; "SICX PAC", "BUNCH OF FIVES", "WoT FoR", and; "A SENSE OF FOREBODING", and are just about to release our 5th Album titled; "THIS IS US", which has a bit of Kiwi flavour to it. The first 2 EP's are pretty rough, as we do all the recording, producing, etc in my garage. However we had the 3rd and 4th EP's professionally mixed with great results. We have a webpage; , and we have recorded around 30 songs and 20 videos. We were picked up by an American Record Company; "Canadian American Records", because most of our airplay is in the States. However we have very little communication from them now and we want to take back control of our music, which seems to have been hyjacked all over the internet, (google marneemayhem). So we are now looking at getting everything done in New Zealand, starting with anyone interested in helping to get our music onto local playlists, Radio Stations, etc, and general marketing of our fine music. Cheers,
Brian Ladyman.

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Brian Ladyman
New Zealand
"Always There" (beautiful song off MARNEE MAYHEM 's latest Album; This Is Us)

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