MEUTONE is a digital platform for all independent musicians, providing essential music services to ensure all royalties generated from music are collected worldwide on behalf of those rights holders. Distributing to 100+ streaming platforms and online stores, including Social media and YouTube, etc.. Granting music licences in over 200+ countries as well as the administering of publishing ownership with international collection societies.

We assist all songwriters affiliating properly and registering music rights accurately. Collecting royalties from an extensive list of paid sources and other monetizing revenue generated from the use of your music around the globe. Meutone helps all artists on the platform manage the business conundrum in the music industry and ensure artists retain 100% of their music copyrights, whilst protecting their musical assets. We believe creators should receive the full value to their craft online. A single easy to  use solution, allowing more time spent producing high quality music, rather than relinquishing ownership and paying expensive management fees and legal costs.


Types of digital services we assist music artists

  • Protect and Manage Music Metadata
  • Affiliating Songwriters with Rights Societies
  • Administering Music Rights Licences
  • International Sub-Publishing/Adminstration
  • Digital Music Distribution
  • Neighbouring Rights and Non-interactive Royalties
  • Digital Print Rights and Lyric Royalties
  • Micro-Sync Royalties and UGC
  • Tracking Unclaimed and Unallocated Royalties
  • Submit Takedown Requests and Copyright Infringment
  • Clearing Samples and Cover Songs
  • Monitizing Music Content and Videos
  • Creating Facebook/Instagram Artist Pages
  • Managing YouTube Official Artist Channels


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