Need a music video but don't have the $$$?

If you are an emerging artist or band and would like to have a top quality music video to add to your portfolio but cannot afford the cost of a full on music video shoot, we can help. Galvinized Films Ltd. is looking for artists and bands who would like a music video made. We produce high quality products and are hoping to expand our portfolio to include music videos, and wish to offer our services at a highly reduced rate to do so. If this sounds like something you or your band would like to find more about, check out our website (our main webpage) or for an example of our film work, check out (this is our latest feature film produced and made by Galvinized Films Ltd.) and if still interested email me at and we can see what can be done for you. Just because a music video is "low budget" doesn't mean it has to LOOK low budget. Matt Sharp Galvinized Films Ltd.
Posted: 2009-09-29 13:18 by sharpsharpiesharp

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