For Sale: Keyboards and Synths at discount prices

Keyboards/Clarinets and Saxophones now available at promotional price for unit and bulk sales.
Many more also available: If your choice is not included send us an email with the model you want.

For further inquiries:

skype: collontrade

Promotion is on now.
Shipment Custom and tax free.

Korg Pa2XPro 76-key Arranger Keyboard=======$1200usd
KORG PA588 88 Key Arranger Keyboard ========$1600usd
Korg TR61 61-key Workstation==================$400usd
KORG M3 73-Key Music Workstation Keyboard =====$1550usd
KORG M3 88-Key Music Workstation Keyboard=====$1700usd
KORG M50 61-Key Music Workstation====$680usd
KORG M50 88-Key Keyboard Workstation ====$900usd
KORG M50-73 73-Key Synth Workstation=====$850usd
Posted: 2012-01-15 23:40

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